Behind Bodies and Botanics

Behind Bodies and Botanics is me, Emily (you can find me at @emilyyhowes). I'm a 26 year old, tattooed Geordie gal and l'm obsessed with bums, boobs and botanicals! And let's be honest, who isn't?

I currently live with my fiance Ryan and my temporary houseguest *cough* (stolen/borrowed)  *cough* handsome Jackhuahua Loki, the two love's of my life.

I've never strayed from drawing the female form, even from a young age I always just wanted to draw ladies, and along the way I've developed my content by being heavily influenced by sensuality, eroticism and body positivity. I also just really like botanical illustration and flowers, cause they're pretty, right? This lead me to turning my passions into Bodies and Botanics, it's an absolute dream of mine to sell my own artwork so here we are, trying this on for size! 

Thanks for taking a look at my shop, and even bigger thank you if you decide to buy something for yourself! This brand would not be where it is now without continued support from you lovely lot!