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For this purchase, I need a clear photo of you, preferably in natural lighting or just ensure the photo isn’t too dark, a square format works best but can work with standard screen size photos also.

Send whatever photo you’re comfortable with, I can illustrate fictional lingerie if you’re not up to sending revealing photos, if your photo is fully clothed, please try to pick a vest and leggings or shorts etc so I can see your body shape! 💕😊

I usually take artistic licence with adding eyelashes, tatoos and the style of the hair (if your hair is straight I will likely draw it slightly wavey).

The toonme images are digital files only, you’ll be provided with the files via Email. All commission copyright remains with me, the artist, unless explicitly stated during the initial process, you are free to use this file for personal use only. But uploading and sharing your toonme is encouraged! Please ensure you tag me! I will also not share your illustration to my page or otherwise without your permission.

Please also familiarise yourself with the commission process and terms and conditions I have here, ToonMe is a fixed price commission therefore it's listed here as a product, but the process still works the same.

Once purchased please email your order number along with your photo(s) along with any information you want including or excluding from the design.