Acrylic Coffins

Bodies and Botanics?

I developed this brand solely on the two subjects I enjoy drawing, and looking at the most. All prints in my store have been created by myself over hours of doodling, scrolling and searching for inspiration and coming out the other side with something that makes me feel good in mind and body, after all if I don't enjoy my work, why would anyone else?

My aim for my brand and the store is just to spread a little confidence and happiness. I want to produce artwork that remind us that we're all beautiful, and pairing bodies with plants and florals consistent conveys the message that we're ever growing, and capable of being beautiful no matter what.

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My commission from Emily and Bodies and Botanics was incredible! I was struggling so much with body confidence at the time and seeing yourself made into gorgeous work, you're proud of, that you can show off really does boost yourself esteem! Her Work got me through a difficult time and I couldn't be more grateful for it! I love it so much! She was warm and friendly and encouraged me and handled the images I sent her of myself with professional warmth! She's amazing to work with!


Bought a print and it's gorgeous, extremely sharp, the black is BLACK and i will be ordering more


So happy with my commission! I couldn't recommend this artist enough! So talented! Can't wait to buy more of your beautiful designs!

Chimaine @grlmade

I absolutely loved by commission and so did everybody else. The original art style caught my eye and I couldn't resist. Made my art super fast.


Absolutely amazing artist I love the piece you did for me & the confidence boost it gave me